Meet the Midwife

"Having a home birth can change your life. It changed mine."

I invite you to discover how birth can be respectful. Peaceful. Dreamy.

My name is Anita Woods, and I am a midwife. With the inspiration of my own homebirth in 1998, I trained to become a midwife to offer women the kind of respectful pregnancy and birth experience I had with my midwife. As a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), I continue to believe that every woman deserves the provider that is the best fit for her. I hope you find what you are looking for here.  

I am an "old-school" midwife, clinging to the  intimate one-on-one care that is the hallmark of traditional home birth midwifery. I offer a free consultation in my home office in Parkville, Missouri, where prenatal visits can be an hour long, with tea and playdates for your littles, and plenty of warm hugs. I serve the greater Kansas City metro area, including northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.

I believe in God’s unveiling for birth, following His design, getting to know you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, that you would come to know me as a trusted friend, and I come to know what your individual needs are, just like any friend would know. My style of midwifery is empathic, discerning, and as low-tech as possible, sharing knowledge so parents can make informed choice or denial with personal responsibility.

I have been attending homebirth exclusively since 2004, have been a CPM since 2007, and have experience attending nearly 300 births. I love assisting a diverse and multicultural group of women, with a special tenderness to underserved and at-risk communities of color.

I am also a homeschool mom, a VBAC mom, an HBAC mom, a 3-time cesarean mom, a military veteran's mom, a single mom, and a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I welcome you for a free consultation to ask all your questions, and get to know me and my family. I offer flexible appointment times with evening appointments available. Click here to contact me, I look forwared to hearing from you!